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Self-contained actuators

Self-contained actuators

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Self-contained actuators
High power density, electric control

Self-contained actuators from Bosch Rexroth are designed to offer maximum added value over the entire life cycle – with their compact design with fully electric control and open interfaces, energy-efficient, quiet operation and long, low-maintenance operating life. Thanks to their encapsulated hydraulic transmission, self-contained actuators are an easy-to-use, robust and long-lasting alternative to electro-mechanical actuators. The previous limits as regards cooling, power density and service life are being redefined.


Linear Motion and Force

Linear Motion and Force

Controlled via a servo synchronous motor

Controlled via a servo synchronous motor

Contained system with hydraulic power density and robustness

Contained system with hydraulic power density and robustness

Purely electrically powered

Purely electrically powered

What are the benefits of self-contained actuators?

Self-contained actuators are highly effective: They combine an electric motor, a pump and a hydraulic cylinder with important control functions and shut-off devices in a compact, hermetically sealed system. As a result of the electro-hydraulic design together with modern converter and control technology, linear movements and forces can be controlled precisely and easily. If no force is required, the motor stands still. Any loads or forces applied are supported by the integrated shut-off valves. The result of this power-ondemand control system: Minimal electricity consumption and, ultimately, lower CO₂ emissions during the entire process. Their many advantages make self-contained actuators ideal not only as a modern substitute for hydraulic cylinders with central power units but also as a long-lasting, low maintenance alternative for electro-mechanical linear direct drives.

We support you with your challenges

Your challenge: Long piping connections

Long piping connections

Your challenge: The last remaining hydraulic actuator

The last remaining hydraulic actuator

Your challenge: Life expectation of eletromechanical actuators

Life expectation of electromechanical actuators

Your challenge: Space and length limitation

Space (lenght) limitation

Your challenge: Shock loading occurs during process

Shock loading occurs during process

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In the power class up to 6.2 kW, CytroMotion takes advantage of the benefits of self-contained actuators for numerous new applications.
Standardized interfaces allow conventional frequency converters and control units to be connected.
Via integrated pressure sensors, process forces can easily be measured and internal system parameters monitored.

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Thanks to the modular CytroForce solution, self-contained actuators become an easy-to-configure, easy-to-use and low-maintenance out-of-the-box product with an integrated control system and connectivity module and can even expand safety functions.
Axisspecific windows in the IndraWorks software speed up commissioning.

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Customized and industry-specific solutions

Customized and industry-specific solutions

Bosch Rexroth creates customer and sector-specific solutions efficiently with the help of a modular system for servo-hydraulic actuators SHA. The self-contained actuators which are put together using standard modules combine a variable-speed servo drive with a control block, hydraulic cylinder, safety valves and sensors as necessary. Thanks to the wide range of electric and hydraulic series components, the SHA is scalable in terms of power, function and variable in geometry.

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Product comparison

CytroMotion CytroForce Customized Solution
Safety on request STO, SLS, SBC * customized
Force < 275 kN < 1200 kN customized
Vmax High Force < 350 mm/sec < 120 mm/sec customized
Vmax Rapid Traverse < 2 x Rapid Traverse < 5 x Rapid Traverse customized
Control excluded included customized
STO = Safe torque off

SLS = Safe Limited Speed

SBC = Safe Brake Control

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High Power density, electric controls: How self-contained actuators optimize machines and systems.


High Power density, electric controls:
How self-contained actuators optimize machines and systems.



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