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Predictive maintenance from Bosch Rexroth

Even if you don’t know, it could be a big problem

An unexpected stop and the associated service always comes at the wrong time and takes too long. But with careful planning, all this can be avoided! Rexroth's predictive maintenance solutions keep the machine condition under constant control, so that downtime can be planned in advance and unexpected machine downtime costs can be saved.

Customer benefits

  • Reduction of downtime costs
  • Improving efficiency and product quality
  • Avoiding a total loss of production
  • Reduction of storage costs
  • Simple and secure cloud solution
  • Secure one-way data connection

Cases of use and examples in preventive maintenance (Hungarian)

Download the eBook and learn more about solutions to get you started on predictive maintenance.

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ConnectivityKit industrial data-collecting device


"Arming" machines with sensors

The Connectivity Kit provides a transparent view of the operation of the machines and, where applicable, of the non-ideal state. The data coming into the sensors is collected in a closed cloud that can be used to analyze the condition of the machines. When the set thresholds are changed, the software application sends a message to the user, which allows it to provide timely information to the operators before the problem occurs.

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Key features

  • Data collection and transfer device
  • Data are available from anywhere thanks to the web interface – remote diagnostics possible
  • Historically retrievable data
  • Send an alarm at preset thresholds

Technical data:

  • Data endpoints: up to 19
    • standard: 8A/3D
    • ext. "A": +8A
    • ext. "B": +5D

  • Sampling rate:
    • 100 ms (=10/sec =10 Hz)

  • Database and software integration: closed system with dashboard

ConnectivityKit - downloadable onepager (Hungarian)

IoT Gateway

Thinking ahead solves the problem

Industrial PC that can be used with IoT Gateway

When we talk about Industry 4.0, we often imagine a brand new production line. Many companies have a working machine park, the only thing missing is their connection to the network. With the new IoT Gateway, Rexroth offers the right solution to connect your existing equipment to the network. With this, modern condition monitoring can be networked quickly and easily, even afterwards. The result: transparent operation, regardless of the manufacturer.

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Advanced level based on IoT Gateway

Product benefits:

  • Quick to commission and configure - No programming required thanks to pre-configured connection interfaces
  • Can be installed next to the machine, does not interfere with its control
  • Makes all machine operating parameters visible
  • Makes the data of sensors, PLCs, clouds, IT and IoT protocols available

Technical data:

  • Data endpoints: up to 2000
    • Normal: 25
    • Enhanced: 500
    • Performance: 2000

  • Sampling rate
    • o Basic: 100 ms (=10/sec =10 Hz)
    • o Up to: 1 ms (= 1000/sec =1 kHz)

• Database and software integration: any database, BCI and other software

IoT Gateway – downloadable onepager (Hungarian)

Online Diagnostics Network (ODiN)

ODiN software avoids unexpected failures

Industrial production environment with data flow illustrations

The Online Diagnostic Network (ODiN) service package provides model-based operating conditions monitoring and preventive maintenance activities through the interaction of sensors, cloud-based applications and machine learning methods. During the learning period, a machine learning algorithm monitors the signals of the various sensors of the machine, equipment or group of machines, such as pressure, flow, vibration, temperature and oil quality, and determines the normal (healthy) state of the machine on this basis. However, due to the changed behaviour of the machine, the system warns of a problem if the status index deteriorates due to a change in the data from several sensors within the prescribed limit.

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Product benefits

  • Higher availability with permanent automated monitoring of machine data
  • Reduced costs due to lower downtime
  • Up to 50% faster maintenance
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced spare parts storage cost
  • Our experts help to develop a data-based analysis and maintenance strategy
  • Additional Rexroth services

Technical data:

  • Data endpoints: up to 2000 based on IoT Gateway

  • Sampling rate:
    • Basic: 100 ms (=10/sec =10 Hz)
    • Up to: 1 ms (=1000/sec =1 kHz)

  • Database and software integration: ODiN SW solution