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Kassow Robots – Cobots with 7-axes – Shaping the future of flexible automation with Bosch Rexroth

Kassow Robots is now a part of Bosch Rexroth. With this powerful collaboration, we improve our advances in robotic technology even further and join forces to create even more value for our customers.

Kassow Robots founded in Copenhagen, Denmark is developing and producing unique and efficient 7-axes lightweight collaborative robots for industrial applications.

A payload of 5 to 18 kg and a reach of 850 to 1800 mm – all delivered at joint speeds of up to 225 degrees per second. The five lightweight 7-axes cobots are ready to go to work in virtually no time - at companies of all sizes.

The cobots offer both speed and power, while also providing a long reach and high payload. The user-friendliness of these cobots gives companies great flexibility and enables SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) without in-house robotics specialists to achieve complex automation and programming cost-effectively and independently.

Strong. Fast. Simple.

Kassow Robots collaborative cobots for industrial applications.


A Kassow robot is strong, fast and simple, but there is much more to it than that. We can help make your production processes more efficient and your business more competitive.

Long Reach, High Payload

Experience unmatched flexibility, precision, and speed for loads ranging from the smallest to the heaviest, regardless of your application / no matter what your application is, our robots can handle it with ease.

Strong, Light, Durable

Our robots have a solid contruction, reflected by an all-aluminum surface and very strong materials. The five models offer an exceptional durability, ensuring optimal performance in all environments

Easy Relocation & Versability

Our cobots are designed to make set-up and programming easy and efficient. These lightweight cobots can seamlessly be relocated and redeployed to different areas and applications, even in super confined spaces, thanks to its small footprint.

Cost-effective Automation

Our cobots offer a quick return on investment and can solve a multitude of challenges. From automating repetitive or complex tasks, cobots can help your employees create value for your business.

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Brochure of Cobots with 7-axes shaping the future of flexible automation.


“Nothing is impossible” could almost be our motto when it comes to the applications for our cobots. The pictograms below give just some examples.

Pictogram: Welding


Pictogram: Packaging & Palletizing

Packaging & Palletizing

Pictogram: CNC & Machine Tending

CNC & Machine Tending

Pictogram: Pick & Place

Pick & Place

Pictogram: Quality Inspection

Quality Inspection

Pictogram: Screwing


Pictogram: Labelling


Pictogram: Dispensing


Success stories

The 7-axes robot arms can make the difference and ensure more efficient processes. Read the success stories to see the 7-axes cobot in action.

The 7-axes cobot on the job: loading a CNC lathe.

Dramatically increase the productivity of CNC Machining

The KR1410 on the job: loading a CNC lathe

Labelling in tight space with the Kassow Robots cobot.

Labelling in tight space with the KR810

The 7-axes KR810 Process – Applying Labels Effeciently in Limited Spaces

Kassow Robots 7-Axes cobot for securing cutting edge gluing.

7-axes cobot for securing cutting edge gluing

KR1205 in action: 8 steps towards better output and quality in gluing and sealant

Powerful technology made simple

Meet the 7-axes cobots. Experience a new level of accuracy.
The range of 5 models allows to reach around the corners and undertake the most demanding manufacturing tasks.

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