SY(H)DFE - Pressure and flow control system with pump type A10 and A4


Pressure and flow control system

A SY(H)DFE control system is used for the electro-hydraulic control of swivel angle, pressure and power of an axial piston variable displacement pump Type A10 and A4.

Pressure and flow control system

SY(H)DFE-Adjusting for swivel angle-, pressure- and torque control with variable-speed function. Available as On-Board-Elektronic for Open-Loop-Circuit.

High precision, power and performance

  • Best-in-Class Controller
  • Up to size 355
  • Flow 550 l/min
  • Up to 350 bar

Unique compactness and comprehensive portfolio

  • Direct mounting and integrated solutions
  • Axial piston pump type
    • A10VSO 18..180 / 280 bar
    • A4VSO 40..355 / 350 bar

Long service life
Highest durability through robustness for extreme conditions

Simplify your design with the pressure and flow control system from Rexroth

Simplify Your Design

  • Compactness through pump combinations, several pumps on one shaft possible
  • Controllers without control cabinets with open standards SY(H)DFED and SY(H)DFEF
  • Flexible mounting and connections (in position and dimension)

StreaStreamline your installation with the pressure and flow control system from Rexroth

Streamline Your Installation

  • Best-in-Class Hydraulic-controller - optimized control for axial piston pumps type A4 and A10
  • Preset and tested controllers, plug & play commissioning
  • Electronic without switchboard: Configured and tested (inclusive pump-calibration) Plug & pump
  • Uniform software tool IndraWorks DS supports initial operation, administration, parametrization and diagnosis

Minimize your downtime with the pressure and flow control system from Rexroth

Minimize Your Downtime

  • Feedback of diagnosis and status information of process variables
  • Best-in-Class Hydraulic-controller – Compensating mechanical attrition for higher machine availability
  • Supports condition monitoring by providing attrition data

Maximize your productivity with the pressure and flow control system from Rexroth

Maximize Your Productivity

  • Fastest cycle times due to high adjustment dynamics and accuracy
  • Highest pressures in the market for variable displacement pumps
  • Higher accuracy due to sensors for swivel angle, pressure and speed

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