Hägglunds Fusion drive system

Hägglunds Fusion ‒ The power of one

Hägglunds Fusion on a belt feeder application

The all-in-one hydraulic drive solution

In a Hägglunds Fusion drive system, compact has a whole new meaning. That’s because the entire hydraulic drive system is mounted on the torque arm – motor, cabinet, pumps and all. No gearbox, no foundation, no shaft couplings or complicated alignments.

With the muscle on the arm itself, a Hägglunds Fusion drive system is truly self-contained. But like any Hägglunds system, it offers reliable performance that keeps you self-sufficient. Unbeatable torque and extreme durability keep this all-in-one solution giving its all.

Get material on Hägglunds Fusion
Get material on Hägglunds Fusion
Hägglunds Fusion on an Apron feeder application

One cost-saving answer for many applications

A Hägglunds Fusion drive system saves more than just space. The low cost of ownership creates a money-saving alternative to electromechanical drives in lower power ranges.

With a Hägglunds Fusion drive system, equipment like apron feeders, belt feeders, belt conveyors and infeed conveyors get maximum torque from zero speed, plus built-in torque limitation. That lets them start, stop and reverse as often as needed, keeping your business moving with no risk of damage.

Hägglunds Fusion dimensions

Productivity is plug-and-play

With everything in one unit, a Hägglunds Fusion drive system is easy to install – and just as easy to maintain. Internal splines or a shrink-disc coupling make quick work of attaching it to your drive shaft, and the whole system is function-tested before delivery.

Best of all, the modular design means future flexibility. So you get a solution you can grow with, even when your demands are greater than your space.