Man holding Hägglunds direct drive system and a tablet with a graph of drive system data from condition monitoring service.

Hägglunds Inside Intelligence – Your smart link between drive and performance

Hägglunds Inside Intelligence is a modern suite of products and services that connect you and your drive with Bosch Rexroth expertise. Through smart technology within your drive system, combined with mobile devices and interactive solutions, it puts our half-century of experience right in your hands.

What matters isn’t the technology, but the productivity and peace of mind you achieve. Through instant analysis, real-time advice and condition monitoring, as well as predictive maintenance and other forms of proactive support, we help you increase your drive utilization and lower your cost of ownership.

Tablet with a graph of drive data from the condition monitoring service, with a Hägglunds direct drive system placed on top.

Hägglunds CM

Hägglunds CM provides entry-level monitoring and logging. It gives you the possibility to remotely access key performance data that can improve your drive utilization and planned maintenance. With the help of the condition monitoring solution, both the end user and the local Bosch Rexroth expertise get the same view into the data.

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A Hägglunds direct drive system in the background and a tablet showing a graph of drive system data from condition monitoring.

Hägglunds CMp

Hägglunds CMp show you the true health of your Hägglunds drive system and connected hydraulics. By establishing a link between your drive system and Bosch Rexroth expertise, it enables a machine system behavior, including historical data, trending and deeper analytics. The latter’s secure and encrypted data communication lets us – or your own skilled engineers – look within your drive to optimize performance and initiate predictive condition- based maintenance to avoid the cost of downtime and reduce your total cost of ownership.