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Hägglunds Quantum – Beyond reason lies possibility

Bend the laws of size, strength and speed

In mining, mobile applications and more, Hägglunds Quantum motors are reshaping reality. Step into the Quantum domain, and get ready to push the envelope in multiple directions.
Capabilities will be magnified. Obstacles will shrink along with footprint. As your power and agility increase, you’ll surpass what you’ve come to expect – and come to defy expectations.
And yet, you’ll find a true constant in the Quantum equation: reliability.

Hägglunds Quantum and Quantum power motors facing eachother.

One range, two powerful aspects

Within the Hägglunds Quantum range are two motors with shared DNA.

Hägglunds Quantum is the new name for the Hägglunds CB, which has evolved so significantly over time that it can no longer be considered the same motor. Tweaks in design and materials have increased its efficiency and tripled its life expectancy, making it the ideal basis for a bold new step.

That step is the Hägglunds Quantum Power, which merges a slim new connection block with this reliable foundation. Through additional ports and innovative internal design, the block enables far higher speeds while retaining full torque capacity at high efficiency.

Hägglunds Quantum motor with feature symbols.

Utterly reliable
The Hägglunds Quantum has grown even more durable and long-lived since it was introduced as the Hägglunds CB. The Hägglunds Quantum Power builds directly on that tried-and-true foundation.

Unthinkably efficient
The Hägglunds Quantum has always been incredibly efficient within its speed range. With the Hägglunds Quantum Power, that efficiency extends up to 170 rpm – and up to 350 kNm of torque.

Remarkably compact
The Hägglunds Quantum was already the smallest, most powerful motor in its class. Through an innovative connection block, the Hägglunds Quantum Power achieves inconceivable power density.

Truly configurable
The Hägglunds Quantum and Hägglunds Quantum Power share a modular, adaptable design and a wide range of accessories – ranging from brakes and valves to speed sensors and shaft adapters.

Hägglunds Quantum from front and side with some dimension figures.

Dimensioning and specifications

Ready to step into the Quantum domain? Our product leaflet has all key data for the Hägglunds Quantum range, covering both Hägglunds Quantum and Hägglunds Quantum power motors. Contact us for additional information or to begin planning your Quantum solution.

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Download product leaflet