Valves with digital on-board electronics and connected via Bluetooth


Valves with new digital on-board electronics

Explore the world of hydraulics via app

Setting hydraulic valves manually with a multimeter and wrench? That was yesterday. Today, all you need is a mobile phone app and a Bluetooth connection to start using Rexroth hydraulic components with the new digital on-board electronics, adjust them during operation and carry out diagnostic tests. This not only saves machine manufacturers time and money – for users it means greater flexibility for process changes and improved availability.

Simplify your design with OBED valves from Rexroth

Simplify Your Design

  • Consistent product portfolio for the realization of a solution tailored to customer needs
  • OnBoard elektronic, digital
  • Compact design (integrated pressure sensor technology)
  • External pressure sensor connection for customized applications
  • Customer-specific interfaces
  • Open interfaces
  • IO-Link – point-to-point connection
  • Bluetooth – app-control

Streamline your installation with OBED valves from Rexroth

Streamline Your Installation

  • Reduction of commissioning time through predefined parameter sets
  • Application-specific parameter sets can be stored by the customer
  • Fast and easy commissioning through open interfaces (IO-Link, Bluetooth)
  • Digital name plate
  • Digital and analog interfaces

Minimize your downtime with OBED valves from Rexroth

Minimize Your Downtime

  • Feedback of diagnosis and status information of process variables
  • Robust and reliable, fulfilling protection class IP65
  • With a simple click system the Bluetooth dongle can be retrofitted by the customer at any time

Maximize your productivity with OBED valves from Rexroth

Maximize Your Productivity

  • Longer lifetime through condition monitoring
  • Predefined and customer-specific parameter sets can be switched
  • Fast and easy analysis and structural adjustments through app control
  • Analog interface switchable between current and voltage signal
  • With integrated and external pressure sensor

easy2connect - App: Operating new digital on-board electronics is child’s play with smartphone and Bluetooth

easy2connect - App


It has never been easier to configure hydraulic valves, set them to the optimum dynamics and read out error messages. Connect to the digital control electronics OBED of Bosch Rexroth hydraulic valves via Bluetooth with the easy2connect app, independently of the control system. This speeds up commissioning, increases productivity, and maximizes availability.

  • Connect
  • Status-check
  • Configure
  • Optimize
  • Control


Valves with digital on-board electronics - Increase productivity via slider

Operating valves with digital on-board electronics via smartphone and Bluetooth