Extended Lubrication Interval ball rail systems BSHP & ball screw Assemblies BASA

Productive, economical & environmentally friendly

Extended lubrication intervals for ball rail systems & ball screw drives

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Maximum mileage with low-maintenance Linear Motion Technology

Quality components are worth the money – every automation specialists in factory automation, mechanical engineer and plant engineer who values lasting performance and low-maintenance operation know this. For the linear guides and screw drives used, this means that the relubrication intervals should be as long as possible. Ideally, the basic lubrication should last the full life of the linear motion product, making it effectively maintenance-free.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Ball rail systems: lubrication interval doubled *
    up to 20,000 km without relubrication
  • Ball screw assemblies: turns quadrupled
    up to 200 million revolutions without relubrication
  • Higher machine availability
    thanks to the now up to four times longer lubrication intervals
  • Reduced operating costs
    by saving on lubricants
  • Resource-saving and environmentally friendly
    thanks to low lubricant consumption

* Technical limit values ​​apply. Use our calculation program Linear Motion Designer to check if the lubrication interval extension is possible for your application.