Transfer systems on the fast track
Transfer systems on the fast track
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Transfer systems on the fast track

New customer needs and volatile markets challenge both intralogistics and transportation within machine and assembly systems. This is why transfer systems today must be designed to meet changing requirements at short notice. The capability to quickly adapt to different load carriers, sizes and weights is crucial here. In addition, the demand for intelligent, highly integrated, easy-to-use systems, which interact extremely flexibly and efficiently, is growing. To meet these requirements, Bosch Rexroth offers a broad portfolio of different and scalable transfer systems that cover current and future requirements.

Transfer systems aim to automate production processes, optimize material flows, and make the handling of materials easier. This reduces the workload and not only improves safety, but also increases efficiency. This is why the importance of transfer systems in numerous industries such as packaging, consumer goods, electronics, battery cell production is on the rise.

Intelligent conveyor systems enabling individual control of conveyors in any position are in high demand and are now frequently replacing traditional belt- or chain-driven systems. The market for intelligent conveyor systems is booming, growing by an average of at least 20 percent every year. This is because fast-growing markets or the rising global demand for consumer goods – for example, due to urbanization, changes in lifestyle and consumer behavior – place pressing demands on the factory of the future. The demand for factories with shorter lead times and more flexibility in product configurations is growing steadily. At the same time, the solutions must be quickly changeable, adaptable, and designed for short or no changeover times. Highly integrated, reliable, and easy-to-use conveyor systems with short development times are in high demand.

The right solution for every transport task

Bosch Rexroth covers the complete range of transfer systems – from traditional transfer systems such as TS 2plus and TS 5 to chain conveyor systems such as VarioFlow plus, to intelligent systems such as the Flexible Transport System FTS and ACTIVE Mover, as well as the planar system ctrlX FLOW6D. These systems provide the right solution whatever the need: high volumes and fully automated systems with short cycle times, small batch sizes of various designs with semi-automated systems, or manual workstations. The transport solutions are modular in design and can be scaled according to requirements. This means that existing systems can easily be expanded or modified.

While Bosch Rexroth's traditional transfer systems transport workpieces on carriers along the production line to corresponding points of demand, the VarioFlow plus chain conveyor system, for example, operates in many applications without workpiece carriers and is designed for high flexibility. It is suitable for direct and indirect product transport in all directions. Thanks to the extensive toolkit system, the systems can be individually adapted to meet any challenge, even in the most confined spaces and in spatially demanding environments.

Intelligent transfer systems from Bosch Rexroth are linear-motor-based and offer individual control of the movers and high dynamics. The portfolio here includes FTS and ACTIVE Mover. They feature highly flexible topology. Wherever products have to be transported rapidly with precision, the linear motorized transfer systems ACTIVE Mover and FTS set new standards – thanks to the ideal combination of precision, speed, load capacity and flexibility.

When it comes to high performance non-contact conveying and positioning – for example, in the semiconductor, food and pharmaceutical industries – products float safely with ctrlX FLOW6D. With the planar system, Bosch Rexroth offers more movement freedom with maximum precision. The free-floating transport platforms are moved on a horizontal, vertical or overhead-oriented work surface. Each mover operates in six degrees of freedom (6DOF) with high speed and accuracy – without friction or contamination. Integration into ctrlX AUTOMATION results in a complete solution with a compact control system and apps for expanding the range of functions. The result is a holistic, agile system that allows the full potential of industrial levitation to be exploited.

From movement to perfection: automated transfer systems

Bosch Rexroth's open automation toolkit ctrlX AUTOMATION is the key to efficient automation of intralogistics solutions such as mobile robotic systems or autonomous mobile robots (AMRs). The control system ctrlX CORE and the drive system ctrlX DRIVE make fast commissioning and space-saving design possible. With the engineering tools, configurators and apps, machine builders can accelerate time-to-market and users achieve efficient production and intralogistics processes.

Automated transfer systems are the backbone of production systems in the factory of the future. Modern automated transfer systems from Bosch Rexroth allow free programming and configuration for various applications. They can be adapted to different product sizes, forms and types or use cases, thereby enabling a high degree of flexibility and new scope for action. Automated processes reduce bottlenecks, increase throughput, and improve overall production speed.

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