December 2023 Release Notes for Rexroth Store

New Features in Release 8

1. New Search Engine

We are excited to announce the launch of our new 'One Product Search' feature, a significant upgrade to our website's search functionality. This integration, powered by Elasticsearch technology, marks a unification of our previously separate search engines.

Key improvements include:

  • Real-time Stock Information: For users in Canada and the USA, the search now displays up-to-date stock information for all part numbers.
  • List Price Visibility: Most products on the website now include published list prices.
  • Enhanced Search Capability: The reintroduced 'wildcard search feature' allows users to search for parts of a model code, such as a directional valve size six with a D spool “4WE6D*EG2*N9K”, to check our stock availability.
  • Updated Daily: Stock information is refreshed once per day to ensure accuracy.

This upgrade addresses past challenges with our search functionality. While we strive for excellence, please note that there may still be ongoing data optimization processes to further improve the search experience, especially for Fountain Inn products.

2. Redesigned Shopping Cart

Our cart has undergone a redesign to enhance user experience.

  • Leaner Display and Navigation: The redesigned cart allows users to easily view contents, especially for larger carts or quotes, without extensive scrolling.

3. Refined Filter Dynamics on Product List Page

Key improvements include:

  • Smart Filter Adjustments: Filters and sliders on product list pages now dynamically adjust to user selections, displaying only available options. For instance, selecting a specific size will automatically update the max pressure slider to reflect the appropriate range or fixed value.
  • Enhanced User Experience: The filter interaction is designed for simplicity and accuracy, ensuring that selections like size or pressure are immediately reflected in the available options, providing a more intuitive and responsive browsing experience. And you might have noticed, the GoTo icon is back on the Search and the product list pages, indicating which products belong to the focused delivery program “GoTo”.


September 2023

Website Enhancements

1. New Feature Released: Introducing New Navigation System (Pilot Phase)

We've recently launched a streamlined fly-out menu navigation system for our US website. This unification means that the complete website now boast the same top-level menu, making your browsing experience seamless and intuitive.

Please note that the new menu is in a pilot phase and will only be visible if you select 'Accept All' on the cookies pop-up. There might be instances where it is not visible, even if you select 'Accept All' on the cookies pop-up.

Key Highlights:

  • Unified Experience: No more switching between different menus for the website and online catalog. Everything is now accessible from the same top-level menu.
  • Efficient Browsing: With the new fly-out submenu feature, quickly hover to see more options. Plus, the red burger menu has been removed, providing a cleaner interface.
  • Enhanced Product Detail Navigation: While the top menu will guide your overall website journey, product details like part numbers in the online catalog can still be easily accessed using the breadcrumbs.

We're confident the new menu and website navigation overall is a change for the better. As always, we're committed to enhancing our user experience, and we'll be keenly observing the feedback to make continuous improvements.

Have questions or feedback? Reach out to Almir Tucek

July 2023

New Features in Release 7

1. Improvements to the punchout mode (OCI)

Applies to punchout users only

The following improvements have been made to the punchout mode:

  • The punchout sessions stay valid when a user is searching for products on the website search.
  • The add2cart works correctly when adding products from the search, configurators, and the spare parts catalog.
  • Wishlists are no longer visible (on detail pages, catalog page overviews and in the shopping cart).

2. Improvements to product data load

Internal information mostly - applies to all users

A delta load of store products will take place twice per week (Tuesdays and Thursdays). Changes to products or the addition of new products can be seen faster within the store catalog.

3. Link to configurator for material variants of linear motion technology products

A link to the configurator is now available in a tab on the product detail page for material variants (configured products) for products of linear technology. The link to the configurator offers the configuration details of the product as well as further documents.

4. More documents on a product detail page

In the CAD tab and in the documents tab on a product page, there is a new button that links to the website search (download area). On the website download area, a search for the material number is performed.

This feature had to be postponed to allow the fixing of open defects on technical side.

5. The Store has prepared a connection to the new Online Factory Designer, “MTPro online”

Preparation only

A connection between the new tool Online Factory Designer (“MTPro online”) and the Rexroth Store has been established. Even large lists with configured products can be directly send to the cart to check pricing and get an instant quote. A loading bar indicates the upload of materials. This feature is still not available until the MTPro team has finished testing, but the general functionality is now available from Store side.

6. Country visible in “My Store Profile”

Under “My Store Profile” the country of the logged-in user can be seen.

7. Creation date for wishlists

A creation date for wishlists has been added.

8. New button to access product family information

On the product listing pages, the button for the display of product families has been altered and renamed to “More Products”.

9. Performance improvements

A faster page loading (especially the header and footer of pages) can be expected due to performance improvements in the backend.

April 2023

Bugfixes in Release 6.3

1) List prices are only shown for some products in the US online catalog

  • Solution: List prices are shown for all products with a product detail page in the US online catalog.
  • The ability to see list prices for all products when using the Enterprise Search function is not yet available.

New features in Release 6.3

1) Performance improvement on product pages

  • Optimized the loading speed of product detail pages for logged-in users.
  • This technical improvement does not apply to guest users, but logged-in users will now experience faster page load times to see the list prices and their net pricing.

2) User Interface Enhancements for Better Accessibility and Navigation

  • Implemented design changes to buttons, increasing contrast to improve visibility and accessibility for all users.
  • Product detail pages have been updated to enable keyboard navigation using the tab key, making it easier for users to navigate through different sections.

3) Account registration: Bosch ID Renamed to Bosch SingleKey ID

  • Renamed the Bosch ID registration and login feature to Bosch SingleKey ID for better clarity and understanding.
  • This change does not affect the functionality of the feature, but it aligns the naming with its purpose.

4) Updated wishlist functionality

  • Previously, when creating a wishlist, it became the new default wishlist. This is not the case anymore – there are no default wishlists.

March 2023

As of March 2023, there are 6,900 product detail pages with enriched content available in the US catalog. 1,700 of those are available for guest buy, as the catalog is being continually expanded.

Bugfixes in Release 6.2

1) Spinning wheel of death” from Search results

  • Solution: All search results lead to a product information page when clicking on the part number from the Search box on the website.

2) Repair orders not shown in order history

  • When search results are available, all search results lead to a solution: Service repairs orders are now visible on the order overview page and can be clicked on to see the order details.
  • The ability to track the exact status of repair orders is not yet available.

3) Delivery notes not shown in order history

  • Solution: When an item has shipped, the packing slip is immediately available for download on the order detail page.

4) Some Invoices cannot be downloaded

  • Solution: All invoices are downloadable when they appear on the order detail page.

5) Media downloads from Store are not possible or consistent

  • Solution: Document downloads from the Rexroth Store USA no longer route to a screen to select a region or location. CAD downloads from the Assembly Technology catalog no longer route to a screen to select a region or location. Datasheets from the Industrial Hydraulics catalog can now be downloaded in English. CAD data availability was enhanced for products in the Assembly Technology and Mobile Components catalogs.
  • The ability to download relevant media for every product from the Search or catalog is not yet available.

6) Incorrect list prices for products in the Mobile Components and Industrial Hydraulics catalogs

  • Solution: The list prices have been updated and are accurate.

7) Flyout menu for "Addresses" incorrectly links to "Store Profile"

  • Solution: The links in the flyout menu under “MyRexroth” that show the navigation to the “My Account” pages in the Rexroth Store work as intended.

New features in Release 6.2:

1) Extended lead time information on product pages

  • The display of lead time information on product detail pages and product pages (such as search results and products in the Store catalog) has been extended.

Now, more information on:

  • Lead time (in working days)
  • Location of the plant
  • Maximum order quantity

is offered on:

  • Product Detail Pages
  • Store catalog
  • Search result page in the Store
  • Updated lead time formatting (on search result or product catalog):

Software Updates

2) Wishlist updates

The following features were introduced to the Wishlist:

  • from the Wishlist, products can now be sent to the cart

Software Updates

from the cart, a Wishlist can now be created

Software Updates

  • global products (products that are not part of the store catalog) and configurable products can also be added to the Wishlist now

3) Upload of large item lists including configurable products – “full users” only

  • Up to 500 material numbers (including configured materials) can be added via Quick-add to the cart.

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