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Fast and flexible connection of machines to Industry 4.0

Quickly, easily and cost efficiently

You can use the IoT Gateway from Rexroth to make your production machines ready for Industry 4.0.

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Fast and flexible connection of machines to Industry 4.0

Network new and existing machines cost efficiently and optimize production processes and product quality: The IoT Gateway makes it easy to connect to Industry 4.0 environments without intervening in the automation logic. The precisely coordinated combination of control hardware and software for implementing IT applications collects sensor and process data, transmits it to MES, cloud applications or local machine state monitoring systems, for example, and enables process data analysis.

IoT Productivity

Boost productivity and efficiency

The modular software concept of the IoT Gateway is based on Linux, Java apps and open interfaces. The IoT Gateway makes your machine and process data more transparent. Real-time monitoring of process data such as temperature, pressure, vibration, power consumption, or other parameters ensure that your production is consistently of high quality. Rule-based analysis of specific information simplifies predictive and plannable maintenance of your plants and significantly increases machine availability. Monitoring of energy-related data makes it possible to shut down plant components and thereby optimize the energy balance.

IoT Productivity

Plug-and-run in three steps

You can configure and commission the IoT Gateway quickly, conveniently and completely free of programming via the integrated web interface – without any changes to existing machine programs.

The first step is to select and configure the sensors in the devices app. The supported range of sensors covers sensors with digital and analog interfaces to Bluetooth low energy, USB and RFID.

In the second step, the data is preprocessed in the processing app and, in the third step, it is sent to higher-level systems. These can be different IoT services for data collection and analysis, such as the Production Performance Manager from Bosch Software Innovations or the Oracle IoT cloud.

IoT Productivity

Modularity for individual requirements

For quick commissioning, different Java apps for typical application scenarios are provided with the IoT Gateway. The open, modular design allows you to flexibly adapt and expand the IoT Gateway to specific requirements. This is done with the simple expansion of Java apps for new sensors or for the specific connection of new IT solutions. These are provided either directly from Bosch Rexroth, our IT partners or the user.

IoT Productivity

Future-proof and scalable with open software architecture

The IoT Gateway architecture is basically built on open software standards. Open-source Linux is used as the operating system. The integrated Java virtual machine enables efficient deployment of the Java applications and corresponding cloud services via the OSGi framework.


The IoT Gateway software is run on the IndraControl XM embedded control hardware from Rexroth. It meets high real-time requirements and can be expanded flexibly into a complete automation system with the scalable IndraControl S20 I/O system. The IoT Gateway hardware therefore meets the industrial requirements for an i4.0 upgrade of existing systems.

IoT Productivity

IoT Gateway and Open Core Engineering

Software Development Kit (SDK) - Open future-oriented software architecture

  • Full documentation
  • Comfortable integration of the libraries into the respective development environment
  • Complete access to comprehensive functions
  • Easy start by provided OSGi bundle templates
  • Comprehensive application examples for Open Core Engineering

IoT Productivity

Starter Kit: production performance manager and IoT gateway

The IoT Gateway is available as a stand-alone solution and as part of a Starter Kit.

The Starter Kit contains in addition to the IoT Gateway the Production Performance Manager from Bosch Software Innovations. The software merges the collected information into one visualization and forwards specified events to defined persons.

With the Starter Kit, you can find out almost immediately how ready your production facility is for Industry 4.0. The combination of expert knowledge, software, and hardware provides you with a simple and cost-efficient way of networking your machinery and systems. You can then use the new information you gain to improve your production processes and product quality.

We will work with you to develop an initial custom use case, integrate the relevant machinery into the software solution, and identify potential for optimization so as to improve your production.

Additionally, we will provide you with the IoT Gateway hardware element in order to ensure a seamless collection and monitoring of data. We will support you in the installation of the hardware and software at a commonly defined machine. You will also learn how to integrate, digitally visualize, and optimize more production machinery, systems, and lines yourself.