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4/3 Directional valve elements

B8_08... (EDBZ)

Compact direct-operated solenoid valves

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Directional valve elements B8_08… are compact direct-operated solenoid valves which control the start, stop and direction of the oil flow. These elements consist of a stackable housing with a control spool, two solenoids, and two return springs. When energized, the force of the solenoid pushes the control spool from its neutral-central position “0” to the required end position “a” or “b”, and the required flow from P to A (with B to T), or P to B (with A to T) is achieved. Once the solenoid is de-energized, the return spring (4) pushes the spool thrust washer (3) back against the housing and the spool returns in its neutral-central position.


  • Valve elements with 4 ways and 3 positions
  • Control spools directly operated by screwed-in solenoids with extractable coils
  • In the de-energized condition, the control spool is held in the central position by return springs
  • Wet pin tubes for DC coils, with push rod for mechanical override; burnish surface treatment


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