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4/2, 4/3 LUDV flow sharing directional valve elements

L8511... (EDC-DZ)

Compact direct operated pressure compensated solenoid valves

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Directional valve elements L8511… are compact direct operated pressure compensated solenoid valves which operate with a flow sharing principle. They consist of a stackable housing with control spool, two solenoids, and two return springs. When energized, each solenoid displaces the control spool from its neutral-central position “0” and the metering notches are open; flow is delivered to the 3-way pressure compensator followed by a check valve for each port A and B. The compensator, balanced by the LS pressure at the opposite end, lifts up and unloads a pressure compensated flow which is sent to the A (or B) port through the relevant check valve; at the same time the opposite port allows oil return to tank.


  • Valve element with direct on-off flow sharing control
  • It can achieve multiple simultaneous maneuvers by distributing the available flow to each actuator selected by the operator, independently from the working pressure required
  • All simultaneous movements go on at the same reduced speed in case of flow shortage
  • Each energized actuator receives a pressure compensated flow

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