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Vane Pumps


Vane pumps designed to meet the requirements of markets where low noise and high performance are desired

Rexroth continues to offer advanced variable vane pump technology. Market conditions favor hydraulic components that operate at low noise levels without sacrificing efficiency or durability. VPV pumps feature an outstanding response to the needs of the market today and for the future.


  • Sizes 16 to 164
  • Flows from 30 to 287 L/min (7.6 to 75.8 GPM) in single pumps
  • Available in combination with other VPV pumps and Rexroth gear pumps
  • Through-drive horsepower transfer is 100% to the second pump
  • VPV pumps are available with through-shaft versions for quick combinations
  • Pressures to 210 bar (3050 PSI)
  • Continuous speeds from 1000 to 1800 rpm
  • Overall efficiencies to 89%
  • A variety of fluids can be used: mineral oil, phosphate ester, and environmentally friendly fluids
  • Controls include standard pressure compensation, remote pressure compensation, load sense, solenoid 2-pressure, and solenoid vented

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