GoTo Ball Rails - Front Lube Units

GoTo Ball Rails - Front Lube Units

Rexroth Front Lube Units are specially designed to distribute the right amount of lubricant only where needed: directly to the raceways and to the guide rail top surface. Front Lube Units in the GoTo program are available for sizes 15–35.

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GoTo Ball Rails - Scraper Plates

  • Up to 10,000 km travel without relubrication
  • Prefilled with Mobil SHC 639 oil
  • No lube lines required
  • Can be refilled in the field
  • All mounting hardware and instructions are included
  • Add to one or both sides as needed


Material Number Material Description Max Quantity Shipment (Business Days)
R161912500 Lubricating Unit 15 20 1
R161982500 Lubricating Unit 20 20 1
R161922500 Lubricating Unit 25 20 1
R161972500 Lubricating Unit 30 20 1
R161932500 Lubricating Unit 35 20 1
R161922220 Lubricating Unit 45 20 1