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GoTo Ball Rails – Wide Runner Blocks for Single Rail Applications

GoTo Ball Rails - Wide Runner Blocks

Rexroth Ball Rail Systems in the GoTo program are available in sizes 25/70 and 35/90, N accuracy, with wide flanged runner blocks in clearance and 2% preload versions. Rails are cut to length, in 1 mm increments.

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Features - Wide Runner Blocks

  • Extremely high torsional moment load capacity and rigidity, well suited for single rail applications
  • Excellent dynamic characteristics: Velocity Max. 5 m/s, Acceleration Max. up to 500 m/s2 to meet most application demands (25/70 only)
  • Unlimited interchangeability due to standardized guide rail for all runner block versions for reduced inventory
  • Long term lubrication, up to several years for less maintenance
  • Comprehensive range of accessories for easy customization
  • Integral, all-round sealing for superior contamination protection
  • Multiple lubrication ports for auto lubrication design flexibility
  • Pre-lubricated for faster installation (25/70 only)

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