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SB356 Multi-Channel Controller

The modular construction of the Rexroth SB356 System Box allows for construction, expansion, or repair of existing systems by purchasing the individual components and assembling onsite.

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Features of Rexroth's SB356 Multi-Channel Controller include:


  • Compact multi-channel control system for up to 5 fixtured tools
  • Optional network coupler allows system to link up to 40 tools by connecting with multiple modules
  • Modular construction allows expansion by adding additional controller/amplifier cards as needed
  • Integrated Ethernet, USB, and Serial Interfaces; 24V I/O, Fieldbus, and network options available
  • Fully enclosed IP54-rated housing with lockable disconnect
  • Integrated transformer allows flexible 380-500VAC 3 phase input
  • Functions in temperatures up to 45C / 113F without additional cooling
  • Wall or base mountable

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