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Fixtured Tightening Spindles

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Fixtured tightening tools by Rexroth provide a flexible solution for industrial manufacturing applications.

  • Maintenance-free digital transducer technology provides accurate and reliable results without the need for recalibration due to EMC or cable wear
  • Modular construction enables quick deployment, reconfiguration, and component exchange
  • Plug-and-play automatic recognition by tightening system
  • Robust aerospace grade connections, robotic grade cable, and 1 million cycle full-load durability


Fixtured Tightening Spindles

Material Number Material Description Max. Qty. Shipment (Business Days)
R985004484 SIZE 3 SPINDLE 16Nm 152mm 3/8" SQ 5 15
R985004485 SIZE 3 SPINDLE 55Nm 152mm 3/8" SQ 5 15
R985004486 SIZE 4 SPINDLE 56Nm 181mm 1/2" SQ 5 15
R985004488 SIZE 4 SPINDLE 56Nm 251mm 1/2" SQ 5 15
R985004487 SIZE 4 SPINDLE 150Nm 181mm 1/2" SQ 5 15
R985004489 SIZE 4 SPINDLE 150Nm 251mm 1/2" SQ 5 15


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