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SB356 Multi-Channel Controller

GoTo SB356 Multi-Channel Controller

The modular construction of the Rexroth SB356 System Box allows for construction, expansion, or repair of existing systems by purchasing the individual components and assembling onsite.

  • Compact multi-channel control system for up to 5 fixtured tools
  • Optional network coupler allows system to link up to 40 tools by connecting with multiple modules
  • Modular construction allows expansion by adding additional controller/amplifier cards as needed
  • Integrated Ethernet, USB, and Serial Interfaces; 24V I/O, Fieldbus, and network options available
  • Fully enclosed IP54-rated housing with lockable disconnect
  • Integrated transformer allows flexible 380-500VAC 3 phase input
  • Functions in temperatures up to 45C / 113F without additional cooling
  • Wall or base mountable


Preconfigured System Box

Material Number Material Description Max. Qty. Shipment (Business Days)
R985004490 Assembled System Box 2 Fixtured Tools 1 15
R985004491 Assembled System Box 3 Fixtured Tools 1 15
R985004492 Assembled System Box 4 Fixtured Tools 1 15
R985004493 Assembled System Box 5 Fixtured Tools 1 15

Modular System Components

Material Number Material Description Max. Qty. Shipment (Business Days)
0608830264 Communication Module, KE350 1 3
0608750125 Amplifier LTS350D 2 3
0608830265 Communication Module, KE350 GIL 1 3
0608830262 Dual Tool Controller, SE352 2 3
3608878058 Amplifier Cover plate, BP351 2 3
3608878060 Controller & Amplifier Cover Plate, BP352 2 3
0608830251 SB356 System Box 6, Multi-Channel Housing 1 3
0608750110 Power Supply VM350 1 3


Material Number Material Description Max. Qty. Shipment (Business Days)
0608830259 Interface module 24 volt, IM24V 2 3
0608830271 Interface module Ethernet IP, IMEIP 2 3
0608830266 Interface module Profibus, IMPDP 2 3
3608877428 Compact Flash Storage Device, CF350 2 3


Material Number Material Description Max. Qty. Shipment (Business Days)
3608877427 USB programming cable 1 3
0608740120 Fixtured Tool Cable Extension, 3m, S-EXT-003-S-S 2 3
0608740103 Fixtured Tool Cable, 10m, S-010-S-A 2 3
0608830171 Size 2 & 3 Transducer Cable, ML036 2 3
0608830222 Size 4 Transducer Cable ML046 2 3


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