Hägglunds Atom - Powerfully fast reaction

Hägglunds Atom – Powerfully fast reaction

Hägglunds Atom wins the Spotlight on New Technology™ Award from the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC 2023).

A mini hydraulic motor with magnified power

It may be tiny and light, but within the Hägglunds Atom hydraulic motor is the power to change everything. This miniscule package is a flurry of energy, where revolutions occur at blinding speed. Yet most surprising is its strength – an elemental force that far surpasses the motor size.

The Hägglunds Atom brings your hydraulic drive system a maximum torque of 13.6 kNm. Since the motor can supply full torque at its top speed of 400 rpm, that gives it a maximum power of 394 kW that outstrips other hydraulic motors in its class.

  • Max torque: 13.6 kNm
  • Max speed: 400 rpm
  • Max pressure: 420 bar
  • Max power: 394 kW


Direct drive with an affinity for tough applications

Hägglunds Atom front and back

The power in the Hägglunds Atom comes bundled in an extremely compact design that withstands harsh environments and mounts right on the shaft. That makes this this hydraulic motor a perfect fit for mobile and marine equipment. At the same time, a peak pressure of 420 bar lets it withstand shock loads, making it a match for shredder drive systems and other tough and unpredictable drive applications.

As durable and constant as it is quick to react, the Hägglunds Atom motor unleashes possibilities when fused with your machines.

The tiny hydraulic motor that lets you think big

Small Dimensions

The Hägglunds Atom motor shrinks the size of your drive system – not your expectations. This is what compact hydraulic power looks like under the lens.