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Space-saving design, fully equipped and Industry 4.0 ready

The compact CytroPac hydraulic power unit is a revolutionary solution for machine tool design. Lack of installation space and compatibility is no longer an issue as CytroPac is 100% drop-in ready for a broad range of flow and pressure applications. With every HPU function packaged into one unit including an efficient Sytronix variable-speed pump drive, i4.0-enabled interface, and a no-hassle cooling and degassing tank design, the plug-and-play CytroPac can help you achieve new levels of productivity in new and retrofitted machine designs.



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  • Applications/Markets
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    CytroPac has all functions integrated in the smallest space, in a low-noise package. The highly efficient Sytronix variable-speed drive intelligently adapts to the power required for a given duty cycle, yielding potential energy savings between 30% and 80 % as well as reduced CO2 emissions.

    • Pressing and Clamping
    • Test Benches
    • Machine Tools and Centers
    • Small Cranes
    • Industrial Trash Compactors and Balers
    • Machine Feeders and Conveyors
  • Key Benefits        

    Key Benefits:

    • Easy to network within a larger system
    • Reliable, drop-in ready for flow and pressure applications
    • Demand-driven Sytronix performance saves between 30-80% of energy costs
    • Requires up to 50% less floor and installation space
    • Designed for integration into Industry 4.0 concepts
    • Simplified acquisition of performance, energy, and condition diagnostics
    • Easier installation and reduced commissioning expenses
    • Extremely low-noise operation
  • Features


    • Integrated variable frequency drive with multi-Ethernet connectivity
    • Smaller, optimized tank with built-in heat-pipe cooling system
    • Sytronix pump-drive directly integrated into the compact unit
    • Comprehensive built-in sensor technology for real-time monitoring
    • Multi-Ethernet capability reduces wiring complexity and cabinet space
    • Smart integration of sensor peripherals and hydraulic components
    • Hydraulic power up to 5.4 hp
    • Pressure up to 3480psi
    • Flow rate up to 9.3 gpm
    • Tank capacity of 5.3 gallons
  • Sensors & Control        


    Sensors & Control


    B = Basic

    Oil level, temperature and dirty filter sensors for warnings and shutdown have to be wired by customer directly to machine


    A = Advanced

    Oil level, temperature and dirty filter sensors + LED strip (green, yellow, red) for warnings and shutdown are wired interally to EFC5610


    P = Premium

    Advanced + Multi-Ethernet interface