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Hydraulic Pumps

Hydraulic Pumps

Hydraulic Pumps

Bosch Rexroth is the market leader in hydraulic pumps design, manufacturing, and innovation.

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The Global Industry Leader in Hydraulic Pumps

Rexroth’s complete line of hydraulic pumps serve virtually every industry in manufacturing and technology applications such as railway engineering, chemical process plants, power and environmental engineering, automotive engineering, plastics processing machinery, paper industry, presses, test rigs and simulation systems, marine/offshore engineering, special projects, and civil/water engineering, transportation technology, and machine tools.

Pursuing a comprehensive understanding of these application areas and working closely with customers, our engineers have developed unique electrohydraulic innovations in control technology. The result is hydraulic pumps with greater precision, dependability, and reliability.

Hydraulic Pump Accessories and Electronics

To help keep your systems operating safely and at maximum efficiency, Rexroth offers pump accessories. Replacement seals, safety valve, mounting flanges, brackets, and adapters make installation easier and faster, too.

  • Pump electronics make monitoring and control easier and more effective.
  • Electrical amplifiers convert low-current control signals into signals to drive solenoids or proportional pressure controllers.
  • Regulators and monitors, including speed, temperature, and pressure sensors, help close the control loop to provide precise solutions.


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General Information

Our General Information section includes details on hydraulic fluids, environmental guidelines, installation notes, and warranty policies and procedures.

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