Ball Rails

Ball Rails

Rexroth Ball Rails

By constantly updating its range of innovative linear axes, Bosch Rexroth has been leading the field for more than 30 years. Thanks to our extremely wide and varied range of products and services, we’re a leading provider in all sectors and for all linear motion technology applications. As a technological leader, we’ve been setting milestones for decades and our customers benefit from our wealth of experience equipment and quality processes.

Product Information

Ball Rail Tables TKK are precision, ready-to-mount components with high performance characteristics and compact dimensions. Practical combination options and the modular construction principle make a wide range of economical applications possible.

Rapid delivery is a matter of course.


  • Base plate made from precision machined aluminum extrusion with reference edge, in finely graduated length increments
  • Guideway: Ball Rail® Systems with four long runner blocks per carriage
  • Carriage with one-point lubrication
  • Precision Ball Screw Assembly to tolerance class 7 with clearance-free nut system
  • Fixed bearing end plates with two-row, ptreloaded angular contact ball baering
  • Floating bearing end-plates with double floating bearing system
  • Carriage made of machined aluminum extrusion or steel in various lengths


  • Bellows
  • Integral glass scale
  • Internal or external mechanical operated switch
  • Internal or external iduction-type proximity switch
  • Socket and mating plug for the switches
  • Aluminum frame cable duct
  • Side drive with timing belt or motor mount and coupling for attachment of the motor
  • 5-phase stepping motors
  • Maintainance-free digital AC servomotors

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Bosch Rexroth's Feed Modules VKK feature an aluminum body with integrated eLINE rail inserts and a stationary eLINE style carriage which guides an extending thrust rod that is driven by a ball screw. Because only the thrust rod moves, the moved mass is lower than with standard moving-body type actuators. This lower moved mass allows for a smaller motor to drive the system.

The VKK modules are ideal as a Z axis for Cartesian or gantry systems. Cable management is also simplified, and attachments to the thrust rod are accommodated via a standard mounting flange.

Notable Features

  • Integrated eLINE Guideway and carriage: supports radial loads
  • Standard adapter plate: mount Bosch Rexroth or other vendor's electrical or pneumatic components to the thrust rod
  • Easy-2-Combine interface for EasyHandling: easy, precise connection and alignment of multiple axes

Key Benefits

  • Low moved mass allows smaller motor to drive the module and higher overall system dynamics
  • eLINE carriage and guideway supports radial loads
  • Easily mount Bosch Rexroth (or other vendor's) electric or pneumatic components to the thrust rod
  • Simple cable management

Possible VKK Applications

  • Z axes in Cartesian or gantry applications
  • Light-duty handling and pick and place
  • Feed applications

Target Markets/Industry Segments

  • Packaging
  • Small automation

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