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MKR Linear Modules

MKR Belt Driven Modules

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MKR Belt Driven Modules

MKR - Linear Modules with Ball Rail System and Toothed Belt Drive for demanding speed and load requirements.


  • A compact, anodized aluminum frame
  • The integral Rexroth Ball Rail System
  • A carriage with one-point lubrication
  • The pre-tensioned toothed belt (also available without drive unit)
  • Cover provided by:
    - Plastic strip on MKR 15-65
    - Corrosion-resistant steel strip to DIN EN 10088 on MKR 20-80 and MKR 25-11
    - The toothed belt on MKR 35-165
  • Mountable switches
  • An AC servo motor
  • A gear unit for attachment of the motor
  • Control units

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