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Ball Rail Linear Guide Systems

Ball Rail overview

Linear guidance for wide-ranging applications

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Rexroth Ball Rail Systems add more value to manufacturing processes. Ball Rail linear guide systems from Rexroth provide the optimal combination of accuracy, speed, load-bearing capabilities, and price to performance that serve precise machine movements and machining processes of all types.

Our high performance, Ball Rail linear guides protect against potentially harmful contaminants, and consume up to 90% less energy than competing linear guidance systems. Advanced options and measuring are available in this line. For mid-performance we offer a line of basic rails and runner blocks to satisfy many assembly automation, pick & place, and general applications.

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  • BSHP      

    Rexroth’s Linear Guide Ball Rail System - High Precision, or BSHP, fills the role for applications requiring high performance guidance for linear movement.

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  • BSCL      

    As the newest addition to Rexroth’s linear motion portfolio, the BSCL Ball Rail System - Basic, or BSCL fills the role for applications requiring linear bearings in the mid-performance range.

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  • Miniature Ball Rails      

    The Miniature Ball Rail System has been developed specifically for the precision engineering sector, where rolling-element linear motion guideways of extremely compact dimensions are required.

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