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Pre-Compensated Valve Platform

Pre-Compensated Valve Platform (PcVP)

Pre-Compensated Valve Platform

The Pre-Compensated Valve Platform is a complete, compact mobile machine control solution that leverages the efficiency and versatility of proven Rexroth mobile control valves, including the EDG compact controls, RM10-MPP and RM15-MPP directional control valves and the M4-12 load-sensing control block.

The platform’s load-sensing valve technology ensures that necessary hydraulic power is available for all the actuators driving the mobile machine’s implements, improving efficiency and freeing more hydraulic power where and when it’s needed, enabling better machine designs.

Compact and flexible, the modular Pre-Compensated Valve Platform makes it easier for mobile machine builders to select and integrate the optimal Rexroth valve combination into a single, cost-effective "plug and play" solution with minimal need for adapter plates or custom parts.

CHoose: Cutting-edge configuration tool to build your Pre-Compensated Valve Platform

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