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Bosch Production Tools

Greater process reliability with reduced production costs

Bosch cordless and electric screwdrivers form an advanced family of production tools that make the assembly process easier, faster, safer, and more accurate.

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The EXACT ION and ANGLE EXACT ION tools from Bosch are cordless shut-off screwdrivers for industry – offering the greatest accuracy, longevity and energy efficiency. In assembly situations where cables or pneumatic hoses get in the way, the EXACT ION series enables you to optimize processes, build better products and reduce your costs.

An extensive online catalog of Bosch Production Tools can be found on the Bosch Production Tools website:

Bosch Production Tools

Advantages resulting from product features:

Greater process reliability:

  • Precision shut-off clutch with Cmk > 1.67 (at a tolerance of ± 10% in accordance with ISO 5393)
  • Multi-stage screwdriving process, adjustable to your individual application via USB interface

Greater efficiency:

  • Bosch Premium lithium-ion technology for long lifetime and runtime
  • Brushless (EC) motor for 30% more efficiency (compared to conventional DC motors) and long lifetime

Greater comfort:

  • New ergonomic design and lower weight for even more comfortable working

Lower costs:

  • Higher rotational speeds (compared to SEC-EXACT) and the screwdriving stages reduce production times and improve quality