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Experts talking about the Tightening System Configurator

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Create your custom tightening system easily and safely with our Tightening System Configurator

Configure electric tightening tools, connecting cables, controllers, and other products quickly and easily with our Tightening System Configurator. In addition to the controlled tightening technology products for safety-critical applications from Bosch Rexroth, choose production tools by Bosch Power Tools to complement your assembly solution.

Thanks to the intuitive, drag-and-drop operating concept, you can effortlessly put together a complete tightening solution directly on the online tool’s graphical drawing interface. Integrated, system-wide compatibility checks support you along the way.

  • Available online around the clock, always up to date
  • Secure creation of consistent tightening systems due to automatic feasibility checks
  • Available in six languages: DE, EN, FR, IT, ES, and CN
Preview of the tightening system configurator which shows the possible product selection of electric assembly tools.

Comprehensive product portfolio

Create complete single and multi-channel tightening solutions including the operating software and select additional software functionalities as well as all accessory components required beyond that. Supplement your tightening system with a Bosch Power Tool screwdriver with a shut-off clutch. For Rexroth tightening spindles and ErgoSpin hand-held nutrunners, the TASS verification system can also be designed for short-cycle inspection of tools.

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Preview how easy it is to configurate with the tightening system configurator via drag-and-drop function.

Graphical system creation

Simply drag and drop all the products you need for your tightening system onto the drawing area. The docking points show you possible placements for the corresponding product in the system. The topological structure of your tightening solution is created in no time at all. The products can then be configured according to the requirements of your application. You are guided step by step through the product configurators.

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Preview of the tightening system configurator showing the CAD multi-download function, which can be used to download all CAD data of the project.

CAD and project documentation

CAD models can be downloaded in the most common formats for all configured products. Using the CAD multi download function, you can conveniently obtain all CAD data for your project with just one click. Use the complete project parts list for your further project work or request your created tightening solution directly from Bosch Rexroth.

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