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Hägglunds Drive Systems

Hägglunds Drive Systems

Complete Drive System Solutions

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Rexroth’s wide range of Hägglunds Drive solutions offer unmatched control of speed and torque for demanding applications in harsh conditions. Built around an impressive line of low-speed high-torque (LSHT) radial piston motors at its heart, the original Hydraulic Direct Drive (HDD) delivers instantaneous power straight to the driven shaft without the need for specialized components.

Designed to provide uninterrupted power and torque in heavy industries like bulk material handling, recycling and rubber processing, and marine and offshore – our line of Hägglunds Drive Systems offer a simple, yet ingenious solution to maximize productivity and reliability in your application.

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Watch Hägglunds in Action

Watch Hägglunds in Action



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Turnkey Drive Systems for Industrial Applications


Hägglunds drives operate with reliable performance under the harshest conditions and application demands. Explore more industry-specific solutions below:


Detailed Product Information

  • Radial Piston Motors      

    Radial Piston Motors

    A Hägglunds hydraulic motor is a drive beyond the ordinary. In far less space than other drives -- and with far less weight and complexity it delivers flexible, reliable power.

    See the fullrange of Hägglunds Motors

  • Drive Units      
    Drive Units

    Drive Units

    With a Hägglunds Drive Unit to match your motors you will have the same high quality throughout the entire drive system.

    See the full range of Hägglunds Drive Units

  • Service      
    EasyHandling - Notable Features


    High-performance drive systems need high-quality service. Bosch Rexroth is home to certified Hägglunds service specialists, whose expert training is specific to Hägglunds drive systems. Not only do they service Hägglunds motors, they take a complete drive system approach to securing your uptime.

    Certified local service and support