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IndraControl XM by Rexroth

IndraControl XM

Complete I4.0 Machine Control for High-Powered Hydraulic Applications

The IndraControl XM is the data center for machine control, providing motion commands to the machine and collecting sensor data as feedback. This compact, embedded motion controller and PLC combines the ability to control electric and hydraulic motion with S20 IO modules to provide complete machine control. Built to handle both electric motion and hydraulic motion, IndraControl XM can be used in a wide variety of plastic industry applications. Now you can enjoy best-in-class control of electric motion and hydraulic motion, including electrohydraulic hybrid control, from a leader in motion control in both industries. And since IndraControl XM was designed for connectivity, built-in Industry 4.0 features can be easily accessed without the need to add separate PCs or hardware to collect the data.

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