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Rexroth Advanced Manufacturing & Technology Center - Plant & Engineering Roles in Manufacturing

Plant & Engineering Roles in Manufacturing

Is a career in a plant or in engineering right for you?

Learn more about these roles in the manufacturing industry!

PLANT ROLES: Manufacturing Operations and Engineering


The ideal personality for a role in manufacturing operations is goal oriented. They are patient, persistent, and tolerant. They have a high degree of comprehension and are quick learners.

They interpret technical drawings and specifications that merge both the mechanical and technical mind. They are detail oriented, highly accurate, for whom math comes easy and like to build with their hands. A career in manufacturing operations requires physical and mental stamina.


The ideal personality for a role in engineering is curiosity. They excel at math, base decisions on data, and being highly intuitive they often find themselves testing boundaries and challenging the norm -- just to see if it will work.

Engineers constantly ask how, have a thirst for knowledge, and objectively considers every potential limitation -- and possibility -- of a design. They are process oriented, highly collaborative, critical thinkers, and are highly effective communicators. A career in engineering is the heart of any manufacturing environment.

Plant and Engineering Roles

Multi-Machine Operator / Generalist
Apply Now CNC Machinist
Mechanical Assembler
Manufacturing Team Lead / Supervisor
Plant Maintenance Manager Sourcing and overseeing contracts and service providers for functions such as catering, cleaning, parking, security, and technology.
Advising businesses on measures to improve the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the facility.
Supervising teams of staff across different divisions.
Ensuring that basic facilities are well-maintained and conducting proactive maintenance.
Dealing with emergencies as they arise.
Managing budgets.
Ensuring that facilities meet compliance standards and government regulations.
Planning for the future by forecasting the facility’s upcoming needs and requirements.
Overseeing any renovations, refurbishments and building projects.
Helping with office relocations.
Drafting maintenance reports.
Maintenance managers for small companies may have only a high school diploma and related work experience. Employees in larger organizations, especially those involved in administrative work, might go as far as earning a graduate-level degree in a field like engineering, business administration or facility management. Annual Salary
$85k - $125k
Depending on experience
Maintenance Technician Troubleshoot and perform diagnostics on basic electromechanical equipment including electrical and hydraulic power sources. Adjust, repair, replace components on equipment and machines. Conduct preventive maintenance measures. Conduct safety inspections on machines, equipment, storage racks. Conduct electrical measurements and troubleshooting. Install infrastructure electrical service to code. Assist with moving equipment internally. Perform occasional assembly of work stations, furniture, operational equipment . Help coordinate external services required on site. Run equipment such as powered sweeper in support of janitorial services. Assist manufacturing plant team with spare parts inventory coverage. A high school diploma or GED is a basic entry-level requirement for most maintenance technicians. Aspiring maintenance technicians can also pursue a two-year program from a community college or comparable program to receive an associate's degree in their chosen area of building management. Hourly
$28 - $35
Depending on experience
Quality Control technician
Quality Manager
Manufacturing Engineer
Industrial Engineer
Electrical Engineer Design and development of electrical engineering solutions for mechatronic systems, turnkey solutions and test systems. Component selection and sizing of motors and other components required. Panel and electrical schematic design. Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering or related field
Machine Learning / Controls / Automation Engineer Design and development of controls architecture for mechatronic systems and turn key solutions. Motion control programing, PLC programming. Data collection and analysis. Bachelor of Science in computer engineering or related field
Mechanical / Product Design Engineer Design and development of component and/or mechatronic systems for factory automation. Generate CAD assembly and detail drawings for manufacture. Create bill of materials, part, numbers and specifications for release to manufacturing. Assist in prototype assembly and testing. Bachelor of Science in mechanical engineering or related field
Research & Development Manager Manage cross functional engineering teams in the development of products for factory automation. Assign projects to associates and teams and set priorities. Manage product development from concept development through to release to production. Bachelor of Science in mechanical or electrical engineering or related field