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Rexroth Advanced Manufacturing & Technology Center - Sales Roles

Sales Roles in Manufacturing

Is a career in sales right for you?

Learn about these roles in the manufacturing industry!


The ideal personality for a role in sales is extroverted, highly social, and is energized by talking to ‒ and being around ‒ people. Sales people are naturally curious about the world around them and ask lots of questions in order to understand their customer's needs. They are great negotiators as they are responsible for meeting the needs of, and finding common ground between, their customers and their company.

They are keenly aware of the value of what they offer to their market, and what sets their company apart. They leverage marketing programs, data, and content to communicate the right information at the right time within the customer journey. As a result, they are able to pinpoint exactly what the customer needs with a tailored solution.

Sales people are responsible to manage the segmentation and classification of their customers to determine the best use of their time for the most reward. They are highly organized and spend a good amount of time preparing and strategizing in advance of seeing their customers to ensure their conversations yield results.

A career in sales is highly competitive, and offers opportunity for travel.

In manufacturing sales, there are the following roles:

Engineering Sales Representative Sales engineers work with the customers to understand their needs and sell the products or services that help them solve their problems. They call on existing direct customers on a regular basis, and they also support the sales staff of the distributors. They are also responsible for growth initiatives of current and new customers. Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering or related technical field, and some experience in field sales. Annual Salary + bonus
$40k - 90k
per year".

Application Engineer
Application engineers provide technical support for sales. They work with engineers at their customer's company on leading edge designs and help to finalize design and product contracts and implement the technology. Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering or related technical field, and some experience in field sales. Annual Salary
$50k - $100k
per year
Product Manager A product manager is the person who manages a product or group of products bringing together the needs of the market with the technology and the business strategy. Through research, they identify the market opportunity, pricing strategy, product differentiators to help the sales and marketing of the product, and is responsible for the overall successful adoption and utilization of their product or the entire lifecycle. Bachelor of Science in engineering, MBA is often preferred. Annual Salary
$50k - $100k
per year