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Rexroth Advanced Manufacturing & Technology Center - Service and Repair Roles

Service & Repair Roles in Manufacturing

Is a career in service & repair right for you?

Learn more about these roles in the manufacturing industry!


The ideal personality for a role in service is a problem-solver. They have a highly analytical mind, are curious about how things work and understand the details of systems and their interdependencies. They work to find the root causes, are highly detailed and like to work with people. Building trust comes easily for them.

They have a high degree of technical knowledge and are extremely reliable and resourceful. They don't mind getting their hands dirty and are patient. They are not defeated if the first solution does not work, and have a high sense of urgency to meet customer's needs. A career in service is a focused career that while repetitive, allows for consistency and longevity.

In manufacturing service and repair, there are the following roles:

Field Service Engineer / Service & Repair Technician Field service engineers are technicians who travel to client service sites to demonstrate, install, or repair products and systems. Field service engineers install and repair a variety of hardware and software, perform fitness checks and execute preventative maintenance measures. Annual Salary
$40k - $100k
per year