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Rexroth Advanced Manufacturing & Technology Center - Support & Corporate Roles in Manufacturing

Support & Corporate Roles in Manufacturing

Is a career in support or in a corporate environment right for you?

Learn more about these roles in the manufacturing industry!


The ideal person in a corporate environment has strong work ethics and are highly ambitious. They are active listeners, highly organized, and have excellent written and verbal communication, including the ability to give presentations. They grow, cultivate, and maintain networks.

They are high performing, decision-makers who are adaptable, thrive in disruption, and value integrity. They work on computers, within multiple systems, spreadsheets, and provide reporting. A career that support and leads a corporate function requires excellent time management, agility, accountability, and emotional intelligence.

In manufacturing support and corporate, there are the following roles:

Purchasing / Procurement Engineer
Supplier Quality Engineer
Purchasing Manager
Project Manager Project managers play the lead role in planning, executing, monitoring, controlling, and closing out projects. They are accountable for the entire project scope, the project team and resources, the project budget, and the success or failure of the project. They oversee projects to ensure they are completed in a timely fashion, within budget, monitor progress, and keep stakeholders informed the entire way. Typically a bachelor's degree and/or many years of experience in a specific field of need. Annual Salary
$75k - $175k
Depending on the scope and magnitude of the projects.
Health, Safety and Environmental Specialist Health, Safety, and Environmental specialists are responsible for ensuring the safety of associates and protection of the environment by ensuring compliance with OSHA, EPA, state, local, and company regulations. They are required to be familiar with a variety of environmental and safety regulations. HSE Specialists identify non-conformities to internal policies and external regulations and work closely with other manufacturing departments to implement effective solutions.

Common activities include: incident and accident investigation, evaluation of machines and processes for safety and environmental considerations, assessing hazards within a facility as well as hazards that facility processes may pose to the environment, regulatory reporting, managing safety and environmental programs, and conducting inspections to ensure compliance.
Typically a bachelor's degree and/or varying years of experience in health, safety, or environmental depending on level of position (entry, mid, manager, etc). Annual Salary
$50k - $150k
Depending on level and experience.
Marketing A marketing role works in collaboration with sales and product engineering to understand the business strategy and develop communications and promotions to appeal to the behaviors of the critical customer audiences who will influence or decide to buy the products or services.

Typical activities within marketing include: brand management, advertising, public relations, graphic design, events and tradeshows. Roles within marketing that execute and support these activities are communications specialists, web developers, graphic designers, tradeshow and event staff, marketing data analysts. Levels can be entry level to executive levels.

Marketing roles are agile enough to be applied in a variety of industries. Over the course of their career, marketers often gain experience at a variety of companies and industries.
All marketing roles require a minimum of a bachelor's degree in communications, journalism, visual communications, hospitality or other related fields. An MBA or significant equivalent experience required at director level and above. Annual Salary
$30k - $220k
Depending on level, experience, location, and responsibilities.
Human Resources An HR professional is a partner to every department in the organization, to help manage the employee life cycle (i.e., recruiting, hiring, onboarding, training, and firing employees) and administering employee benefits.

Some areas of specialization include; payroll and compensation, benefits, recruiting, training and development, employee relations. HR Generalists would deal with all aspects of employment, not just a specialization in one of these areas.

The best summary is that HR helps employees thrive, through career growth, training support and opportunities, and supporting health and wellness.
Associate's degree for entry level positions, bachelor's degree or more for higher level positions. Annual Salary
$40k - $300k
IT/ Information Technology
Legal A corporate lawyer is an expert in commercial law. They are tasked with ensuring compliance with all state, local, and federal corporate laws and regulations.

Depending on the size of the organization, they may be part of an in-house legal team, or retained via a law firm that represents the company.

They review and/or prepare contracts, advise a company's rights, obligations and privileges. They prepare documents, and act as agents in business transactions, like partnerships, joint ventures, mergers & acquisitions. If necessary, they defend or prosecute on behalf of their company in lawsuits.
A law degree such as Juris Doctor, a Master of Laws, or a Doctor of Juridical Science. Annual Salary
$50k - $150k
Executives (CEO, CFO, CEO, CMO, CTO…) The executives, or what is sometimes referred to as the C-Suite, lead the organization and serve various purposes. First and foremost, they, along with their teams of leaders in each areas, are responsible for the entirety of the business in a specific region or at the global level. Many also serve as members of the Board in their organizations. The C-Suite is where decisions regarding the strategy and the majority of the accountability for the success or failure of an organization reside.

Not every organization has all C-Suite functions. At Bosch Rexroth, we have a CEO, COO, and CFO. Other key decision makers and business leaders are Vice Presidents of a specific function or technology. They advise and make recommendations to the C-Suite on critical business topics that aid in the decision making process.

C-Suite, especially the CEO role, also serves as a public figurehead for the organization and is often in the media as the face for an organization. They have great social skills and are not afraid to take risks.

Positions at the C-Suite are earned after many years of experience. While the roles are extremely lucrative, they require long hours of work, heavy travel agendas, and can be highly stressful.
Business or management master's degree is typically expected.

Many times proficiency in foreign languages is necessary.
Annual Salary
$100k - $300k+