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i4.0 Specialist Certification

Designed by Bosch Rexroth and certified by German trade association IHK-AHK, the globally recognized i4.0 Specialist Certification equips the workforce of today for the Factory of the Future. This 12-day training program provides a comprehensive overview of Industry 4.0 trends, technologies, business models, and organizational workflow.

Module 1: Basics of Industry 4.0 (1 day)

Certification Course Content Includes:

  • Typical fields of application
  • Industry 4.0 as an industrial revolution
  • Trends in Industry 4.0

Module 2: Connected Business Models in Production & Logistics (4 days)

Certification Course Content Includes:

  • Higher-level technologies
  • Techincal framework for component identification
  • Business models, data transfer
  • Introduction to supply chains in a digital world
  • Connected work in the digital supply chain

Module 3: Technologies for Implementing Industry 4.0 (2 Days)

Certification Course Content Includes:

  • Connection of production to the IT world (e.g. data sources, sensors, cyber-physical systems, IoT gateways, OPC-UA, Cloud)
  • Data processing and visualization (e.g. analysis, cockpit functions, alarms, cloud computing
  • i4.0 application scenarios (e.g. product controls manufacturing, virtual twin, predictive maintenance, condition monitoring)

Module 4: The Design of Work & Organization (3 Days)

Certification Course Content Includes:

  • Individual-technology-organization
  • Digitization and changes to work
  • Traditional versus agile working methods
  • SCRUM approach
  • Changes and design approaches

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With the knowledge and skills acquired in this course, graduates will be able to recognize the i4.0 potential in their own companies and apply best practices to design and implement i4.0 programs.

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Our hands-on experiences are another great way to up your i4.0 game. Learn more on our Experiences page

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Our hands-on experiences are another great way to up your i4.0 game. Learn more on our Experiences page

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