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Ball Transfer Units

  • Types for all standard applications and for many special solutions
  • Easy mounting and extraction
  • Conveying speed up to 2 m/s with all versions
  • Consistently high quality
  • High rationalization effect

Additional information

Ball transfer units with sheet steel housing


  • Extremely small ball transfer unit
  • Very compact designs
  • Low cost
  • For high loads

Ball transfer units with plastic load balls


  • Particularly suitable for transporting sensitive materials such as glass, polished aluminum, brass and steel sheets
  • Very compact designs
  • Low cost

Ball transfer units with reinforced steel housing


  • For heavy impact loads
  • For very high loads

Ball Transfer Units with clip as fastening element


  • Easily mountable and extractable from the load side
  • Fixing is by means of spring clips, which permit generous tolerances in the mounting hole
  • Reinforced cover to withstand heavy impact loads

Ball transfer units with solid steel housing


  • With low, high or without collar
  • Without felt seal
  • Very smooth running
  • Low cost
  • Very compact designs

Ball transfer units without housing


  • Low space requirement
  • Easy mounting
  • Mounting via holes in the collar
  • Low cost

Spring-loaded Ball Transfer Units


  • Ball Transfer Units are supported on springs and mounted under preload in a housing
  • Ball Transfer Unit recedes into its housing under high loads

Ball Transfer Units with plastic housing

R0530 .0

  • For special applications (e.g. for lightweight ball transfer tables)

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