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Linear Modules with toothed belt drive


  • Ready-to-install linear modules in any length up to Lmax.
  • Extremely compact aluminum profile with integrated Rexroth Cam Roller Guides
  • Driven by toothed belt for traversing speeds of up to 10 m/s
  • Carriage with T-slots for fastening attachments
  • The Rexroth Cam Roller Guide features one-point lubrication from both sides; lubrication is only suitable for oil lubrication.

Rexroth Linear Modules are precise, ready-to-mount guide systems that combine high-performance characteristics with compact dimensions. Rexroth provides a favorable price/performance ratio and fast delivery times.


Linear Modules can be delivered complete with motors, controllers and control units.

General technical notes and information


  • Linear Modules with Cam Roller Guide and toothed belt drive
  • High performance toothed belt (AT profile) for high travel speeds of up to 10 m/s
  • Extremely compact aluminum profile with integrated Rexroth cam roller guide with inserted cam rollers (cam rollers, set to zero-clearance via eccentric shafts)
  • With planetary gearbox with various gear ratios and versions for optimizing external load to motor inertia.
  • Realization of greater lengths of up to 10000 mm

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