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BODAS Displays

Within the BODAS modular architecure, the BODAS displays serve as the optical user interface to the respective application. They inform the user of important machine and system data and also facilitate interaction with the system via the operating elements. Depending on the device the configuration of the displays can quickly and easily be performed with Codesys V3.5 development environment.

The product program is supplemented by robust and bright color video cameras which, in combination with BODAS displays, facilitate the display of images for example of the work area or rearward area of a machine.

BODAS display


  • Bright, high-contrast 7 inch WVGA color display (800 x 480 pixels), brightness up to 500 cd/m²
  • Numerous integrated interfaces plus in- and outputs
  • Design for stand-alone mounting or for integration in the control panel, portrait or landscape orientation
  • Freely programmable with Codesys V3.5 development environment
  • Diagnostics, parameterization and flashing of BODAS controllers via CAN bus interface

BODAS video camera


  • Analog color video camera (NTSC) with 1/4" CMOS image sensor
  • Robust design especially for the requirements of mobile machines
  • Opening angle of 100° or 120° (horizontal)
  • Automatic window heating to prevent fogging
  • Mirrored of unmirrored display of the image signal

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