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BODAS Connect


BODAS Connect includes all IoT services required for a connectivity solution, consisting of data management, device management and apps. These three elements are however separated and can be booked individually. The apps are based on our many years of experience in the off-highway industry and address tasks concerning fleet management, vehicle health, remote services and workflows.

All services are based on the powerful Bosch IoT Suite, which already today ensures that several million motor vehicles are connected to the internet of things.

As connectivity hardware, we use our BODAS Connectivity Unit RCU. Due to our open system architecture, however, our services usually also support other Linux-based connectivity devices.

Device management

  • SIM handling & device status
  • SOTA: self update over the air for firmware of the Connectivity Unit (incl. DBC-files)
  • FOTA: flashing over the air of Rexroth Controllers RC, which are connected to the Connectivity Unit via CAN, incl. campaign management
  • Standard device management for Rexroth Connectivity Units RCU, also applicable for third-party connectivity units with open system architecture based on Linux OS

    Data management

    • Data management incl. data analysis (back-end) and visualization (front-end)
    • Identity and access management
    • Messages, alerts e.g. from geo-fencing
    • Powerful Bosch IoT-Suite is the basis
    • Services are Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and Platform-as-a-Service elements (PaaS)

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