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Handheld nutrunner


  • With current control for function-critical tightening operations according to VDI/VDE2862

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CC-ErgoSpin nutrunners feature a current control and are suitable for function-critical tightening operations according to VDI/VDE2862. We supply various versions of these nutrunners in order to provide the right model for every application.

Handheld nutrunner

CC-ErgoSpin ESM pistolgrip nutrunner

  • Working range 2.4-25 Nm
  • Max. output drive speed: 1700 rpm

Handheld nutrunner

CC-ErgoSpin SlimLine

  • Working range 6-100 Nm
  • Max. output drive speed: 1000 rpm

Handheld nutrunner

CC-ErgoSpin VarioLine

  • Working range 2.4-146 Nm
  • Max. output drive speed: 1090 rpm

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