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Control and power electronics

  • Compact and high-performance
  • Safe and fast commissioning

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    Powerful and sturdy – these adjectives perfectly describe the control and power electronics from Rexroth. The new hardware platform is based on cutting-edge technologies and thus ensures investment security. It has been specially developed for industrial applications. The system box and compact system fully comply with the IP54 protection class.

    Both components also set new technical standards. The control variants with integrated flexibly programmable logic according to IEC 61131-3 open up additional automation options: aside from the tightening task, peripheral functions can be freely programmed.

    Compact System CC-CS351

    • Compact and high-performance
    • For CC-ErgoSpin hand-held nutrunner control
    • Use in function and un-critical tightening applications

    Compact System CS351

    • Compact and high-performance
    • For ErgoSpin hand-held nutrunner control
    • Use in safety-critical tightening applications

    Modular system

    • Safe and fast commissioning
    • Can be upgraded to up to 40 tightening channels
    • Combination of tightening spindles/ErgoSpin
    • Multi-channel tightening system

    Subject to change, status 2017-12-20 19:08:21