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TS 1 Transfer System. Precision Assembly and Fast Processes.


The Rexroth TS 1 transfer system is the one to choose if smaller products or assemblies need to be produced.

It has been especially designed for the precise assembly of more demanding products. One of the strengths of the TS 1 is that it can be integrated into the pre- or part assembly stage of a larger system.

The TS 1 meets the same high standards of quality as all the Rexroth transfer systems i.e. long service life, sturdiness and easy maintenance.

Selected TS 1 units

Small products and exact procedures need to be positioned and reproduced precisely, and this is exactly the right task for the TS 1 position unit. Different types of workpiece pallets in either plastic or stainless steel complete the range of precise units offered by Bosch.

Application examples

The TS 1 is, for example, used in the fields of medicine technology (hearing aids, pacemakers), electronics (hard disk drives, regulators, sensors), precision mechanics (small motors, switches) and optics (contact lenses).


The TS 1 system offers exactly those features required for a precise and fast production:

  • Units with exact precision.
  • High flow-through rate due to short cycle times.
  • Saves on space due to compact construction.
  • Economical due to cost-effective investment and the various different ways of combining the individual components.
  • Workpiece pallet weights of up to 3 kg.
  • Workpiece pallet sizes of 80 x 80 mm; 120 x 120 mm; 160 x 160 mm