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ActiveShuttle – “Best Product” award at LogiMAT 2022!

ActiveShuttle – “Best Product” award at LogiMAT 2022!

For the jury, the ActiveShuttle fulfills the criteria of increased productivity, cost savings and rationalization in logistics in an outstanding way.

Application of the ActiveShuttle autonomous mobile robot from Bosch Rexroth transporting dollies

The autonomous mobile robot ActiveShuttle

High safety through camera-based 3D obstacle detection.
Integrated touchscreen display for direct interaction.

with the autonomous mobile robot (AMR) ActiveShuttle

The AMR ActiveShuttle is already making entry into the factory of the future: it is implemented quickly without adapting your existing factory infrastructure, intuitive to operate, completely connected and safe for people to use! ActiveShuttle automates and standardizes your material supply. In the future, transport your dollies that are loaded with Small Load Carriers (SLC) in a highly flexible and secure manner. The ActiveShuttle Management System (AMS) enables highly flexible order management, in which orders can be entered manually or automatically fed via third systems.

The autonomous transport system in action!

The AMR for your fleet management in the intralogistic.


The ActiveShuttle ensures an economical and optimized flow of material and goods in the logistics and manufacturing sector. It could be applied in various industries, such as Automotive, the Automotive supplier industry, the Electrical industry or in any other sectors of Intralogistics applications. Increasingly more individualized products, more component diversity, fluctuating production figures – the competitive pressure in intralogistics is increasing. Autonomous transport systems – like the ActiveShuttle – create the necessary flexibility and transparency and provides answers to the questions of Intralogistics 4.0.


The ActiveShuttle Management System (AMS) is the heart of the entire system and centralizes control of the complete ActiveShuttle fleet. As a control software, AMS displays the live status of your fleet, assigns the pending transport orders to the available vehicles and lets the user control and flexibly configure the logistics scenarios during productive operation. The result is a highly flexible order management system that allows order to be entered manually or fed in automatically via third-party systems.


Flexible, requirement-oriented material supply and efficient order management. Or taxi instead of service bus: The ActiveShuttle driverless transport system moves dollies, which are loaded with small load carriers (SLC), autonomously and quickly from A to B, for example from the goods warehouse directly to the point of use. So logistics processes could be optimized, space and materials could be reduced and throughput times are shorter.

ActiveShuttle features at a glance

ActiveShuttle autonomous mobile robot with manual control unit from Bosch Rexroth


Plug & Go
The AMR ActiveShuttle can be quickly and easily integrated into intralogistics via Plug and Go. Infrastructure adjustments are not required thanks to the reliable laser navigation.
Intuitive operation
Configure your application in the ActiveShuttle Management System according to your intralogistics requirements in next to no time.

Woman showing the control software ActiveShuttle Management System AMS from Bosch Rexroth


Full flexibility
Jobs can be fed in manually or fully automatically thanks to the standard interfaces provided (sensor, PLC, MES/ ERP etc.). Transport requirements are assigned to available ActiveShuttles via the AMS.
A wide range of supply principles
With the AMS, a wide range of supply principles can be realized – from cyclic transport to requirement-oriented material deliveries.
Variable job templates
With easy-to-configure job templates, you can achieve a wide range of transport concepts.

The safety laser scanners of ActiveShuttle recognize a worker on the road - the autonomous mobile robot stops automatically


Safety concept
The safety concept designed in cooperation with the German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV) ensures a secure continuous 24/7 mixed operation with people and machines.
Performance level d
The safety laser scanners used provide the highest reliability in continuous 24/7 operation.

Application of the ActiveShuttle Management System from Bosch Rexroth on a laptop


AMS Live Map
The ActiveShuttle fleet immediately records occurring changes in the production environment and automatically updates the reference map. Therefore, manual re-mapping belongs to the past.
Quick and flexible adaptation
Short-term changes can be made during live operation with a few clicks in the AMS.
Traffic management
If a number of ActiveShuttles are in use, they communicate with each other wirelessly via the AMS and inform each other about changes in the environment in order to be able to react prematurely to bottlenecks.

The autonomous mobile robot ActiveShuttle with camera-based 3D obstacle detection


Obstacle management
The integrated obstacle management enables braking in time and a safe passing of occurring obstacles on the road.
3D obstacle detection
In addition to the safety laser scanner, stereo cameras scan the room in 3D. As a result, even objects protruding into the ActiveShuttle’s path are recognized.
Robust transport
The robust construction and the use of tested navigation and sensor technologies ensure high reliability in dynamic production environments.

Active Shuttle autonomous mobile robot from Bosch Rexroth lifts up a dolly with 4 small load carriers


Zero manual handling
The integrated lifting platform loads and unloads the dollies fully automatically without any manual interventions!
Easy order management
The prioritization and optimum distribution of pending transport orders to the ActiveShuttle fleet is done via the order management.
Long-term optimization
Reduce surfaces and materials and therefore throughput times significantly by using the ActiveShuttle.
Tightening the value chain
Optimize your intralogistics by automating your flow of materials and goods using the ActiveShuttle.

Key technical data

Key technical data – vehicle

ActiveShuttle (L x W x H):
1.015 x 405 x 900 mm
Lifting platform (L x W): 612 x 235 mm
Lifting height (min/max): 118/135 mm
Lifting platform payload: 260 kg
Load dimensions (L x W x H): max. 600 x 400 x 1.200 mm
Speed forwards: 1,0 m/s
ESD (electro static discharge): be fulfilled
Battery: Li-Ion battery (48 V, 17.0 Ah)
Navigation technology: Laser navigation based on natural landmarks
Localization, map creation: SLAM algorithm based on laser and odometry data
Laser navigation: Safety laser scanner front
Dolly detection: Inductive safety sensor
Personal safety: Safety laser scanner PLd (1 x front, 1 x rear)
3D obstacle detection: 2 stereo cameras
Order Information

Key technical data – AMS

Order Management: Prioritization and distribution of pending transport orders to available ActiveShuttle
Traffic Management: Traffic control center for smooth coordination of transport operations
AMS Live MAP: Changes in the factory environment are automatically detected by the vehicles on the floor and communicated to the entire ActiveShuttle fleet
Obstacle Management: Safe navigation around obstacles
Energy Management: Fully automatic charging
Web-based GUI: Intuitive and user-friendly user interface
Job-Templates: A wide range of transport concepts are possible with the help of easy-to-configure templates
Conntection to third systems: Data format: JSON
Supported protocols: Rest API, Web Socket
Order Information

ActiveShuttle – the automated guided vehicle

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ActiveShuttle autonomous mobile robot for your intralogistics 4.0