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eLION Portfolio

eLION Portfolio

Solution portfolio, comprised of components perfectly paired with one another,
to electrify off-highway machinery.
eLION motor

eLION Motor

  • Permanent magnet synchronous motors with reluctance
  • Modular and scalable variants - up to 230 kW nominal power
  • Designed for various off-highway vehicle functions
  • Easily integrated using standarized mechanical interfaces
  • High efficiency
eLION inverter

eLION Inverter

  • Robust off-highway design with CAN J1939 communication
  • Safety functions according to ISO 13849 and 25119
  • 3 power classes
  • High overload capabillites
  • Simply assembled using quick connectors

eLION gear technology

eLION Gear Technology

  • Designed for wheel- and axle-driven mobile solutions
  • Compact and robust with high efficiency
  • Engineered for high-speed electric motors
  • Smooth shifting
  • Max output torque 7,650 Nm (dropbox) & 42,000 Nm (hub-drive)
eLION onboard charger

eLION Onboard Charger

  • Heavy duty design for off-highway applications
  • Unidirectional AC charger and integrated fast DC charging controller
  • 1-phase (19 kW) and 3-phase (22 kW) grid connection possible
  • Parallel operation up to 88 kW
  • Easily integrated using quick connectors

eLION DC/DC converter

eLION DC/DC Converter

  • Heavy duty design for off-highway applications
  • Conversion from high to low voltage
  • Galvanically isolated power converter for 12 and 24V
  • Ready-to-use modular design
  • Flexibile integration with possibility of up to 4 parallel devices

eLION cables

eLION Cables

  • Low- and high-voltage cabling
  • Multicore 17-pole encoder connector
  • 1-pole color-coded HV (DC/AC) connector with quick locking
  • Chemical resistant
  • EMC shielded cable

eLION power distribution unit

eLION Power Distribution Unit

  • Heavy duty design for off-highway applications
  • Power distribution with integrated protective fusing
  • Plug-and-play product solution
  • HV Interlock function with option of insulation monitoring device
  • Printed circuit board with press-fit technology