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Driven to the Core

Hägglunds Driven to the Core


If movement is central to what you do, it’s the very core of what we do.

Every aspect of a Hägglunds solution – from our hydraulic drive systems to the knowledge and support we integrate with them – delivers and protects the motion you depend on.

It’s a total commitment, from the technical to the personal. If it isn’t driving you forward, it simply isn’t Hägglunds.

Driven to the Core

Direct drive, direct results

Nothing stands between a Hägglunds motor and the shaft it turns. Nor is there any distance between you and us. Anywhere in the world, on site or through cutting-edge connectivity, we’re at your side to secure your performance and build your productivity.

It’s a drive and a partnership unlike any other. Because it’s Hägglunds to the core.

Find your core solution

From technology to know-how, the Hägglunds solution you need is in easy reach. This where you start going further.