eLION - electrification of off-highway machinery

Whether driving or working, hydraulic, hybrid or fully electric, Bosch Rexroth offers highly efficient, low noise and powerful electric motors, generators, inverters, and hydraulics.

eLION Products & Solutions

Our Solution portfolio is comprised of components perfectly paired with one another to electrify off-highway machinery. In a effort to aid decarbonisation and work towards a sustainable future, our range of EV solutions make electric conversion to an electric or hybrid off-highway vehicle fleet possible. Discover our standard product range of electric inverters, electric motors and more, or get in contact with us below to speak to our team about an adaptive solution that fits your unique requirements.

eLION electric Motor - EV Solution

eLION Electric Motor

  • Modular and scaleable up to 550 kW peak power.
  • Over 80 motor variants available.
  • Easily integrated using standardised mechanical interfaces.
  • Reliably operate between ambient temperatures of -40 °C and +100 °C.
  • Peak efficiencies over 97% on numerous speed and torques.
  • Options for direct coupling of pumps or SAE flange interface options.

eLION Electric Inverter BEV Solution

eLION Electric Inverter

  • Safety functions according to ISO13849, 25119,19014.
  • Robust off-highway design with CAN J1939 communication.
  • Overload capability of 2.5 times the nominal operating current.
  • 3 power classes available.
  • Continuously operating to 4,000m above sea level without derating.

eLION Electric Gearboxes - EV Solution

eLION Electric Gearboxes

  • Designed for wheel and axel-driven mobile solutions.
  • Max output torque 7,650 Nm (dropbox) & 42,000 Nm (hub drive).
  • Engineered for high-speed electric motors.
  • Available in numerous sizes.

eLION EV Solution Onboard Charger

eLION Electric Onboard Charger

  • Unidirectional AC charger and integrated fast DC charging controller.
  • 1-phase (19kw) and 3 phase (22kw) grid connection possible.
  • Parallel operation up to 88kW.
  • Easily integrated using quick connectors.

DC/DC Converter BEV Solution

eLION DC/DC Converter

  • Bi-directional conversion from high to low voltage.
  • Galvanically isolated power converter for 12 and 24V.
  • Flexible integration with the possibility of up to 4 parallel devices.
  • Ready-to-use modular design.

eLION Electric EV Solution Cables

eLION Electric Cables

  • Low and high-voltage cabling.
  • Multicore 17-pole encoder connector.
  • 1 pole colour-coded HV (DC/AD) connector.
  • Chemical resistant.
  • EMC shielded cable.

eLION Service

Just alike our traditional hydraulic solutions, Bosch Rexroth offer a complete EV solution that includes engineering, training, commissioning, and servicing.



  • Components with optimized off-highway technology.
  • Customized solution layouts.
  • Software functions adapted to each vehicle.
  • Ideal to keep your electric vehicle fleet moving efficiently


  • Component and system use instruction.
  • Component and system maintenance instruction.


  • Component installation.
  • System testing.
  • System calibration.
  • A superior EV Solution from concept to commissioning

Modular software module solutions – BODAS

The Bosch Rexroth BODAS range offers the perfect pairing of electronic hardware, flexible software and telematics that pairs perfect with the eLION range. Get easy access to more productivity, efficiency and automation with Bosch Rexroth Digital Application Solutions: Our open, easily accessible and scalable Ecosystem for Mobile Applications.

BODAS EV Solution Hardware pairing

BODAS Hardware

Open, scalable and freely accessible mobile electronics platform consisting of control units, connectivity devices, sensors and human machine interfaces (joysticks, displays, pedals) for mobile machines. Individual BODAS Hardware components are freely programmable and ready for BODAS Connect.

BODAS EV Software

BODAS Software

Standard application software for machine functions based on BODAS Hardware. Perfectly harmonizing with Rexroth hydraulics, BODAS Software enables ideal machine control. Including the tools for programming, parameterization, and diagnosis of BODAS Hardware.

BODAS Connect - Electric Fleet Software solution

BODAS Connect

Modular end-to-end connectivity solution to transfer data from and to the mobile machine. Unbundled and freely selectable services consisting of device management, data management and ready to use apps for fleet management, vehicle health, remote R&D services, and vehicle operation workflows.


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