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Bosch Rexroth VarioFlow plus Chain Conveyor System with packed boxes

Flexible transport system for efficient operation

VarioFlow plus chain conveyor system –
easily installed, with low-noise operation

Today, user requirements for transport solutions are more demanding than ever. With the VarioFlow plus, Bosch Rexroth offers you a high-performance, standardized and versatile chain conveyor system. Create your custom conveyor solution from our extensive modular system. Even in close quarters and in the most demanding spatial conditions, VarioFlow plus can meet any challenge.

VarioFlow plus Chain Conveyor System - Flexible transport system for efficient operation


The clever drive solution enables a great degree of planning freedom: the motor mounting position can be selected on-site. Smart connection technology saves time during assembly and allows for easy conversions and system extensions.


The maintenance-friendly conveyor system VarioFlow plus creates ideal conditions at the workstations. Thanks to improved sliding properties and low friction materials, the working environment is relatively quiet. Fewer joints and the rolling friction in the horizontal curves ensure low wear and thus reduce downtimes.


MTpro is an intuitive software used for planning assembly systems. It assists you from selection to configuration and ordering of the Rexroth products. You´ll have time and cost savings through the entire procurement process. Automated order lists and links to product catalogs and assembly instructions support you.


With the VarioFlow plus Rexroth offers a powerful, standardized, and versatile conveyor system for use in the food & packaging industries, health care, assembly lines in automotive & electronics and machine linking.

VarioFlow plus features at a glance

Bosch Rexroth VarioFlow plus Chain Conveyor System with workpiece pallet for ESD environment

Customized extension

Attractive ESD system prevents electrostaic charging – suitable for the sensitive area of electronics production. Compact clean section profile in stainless steel and stainless steel slide rails – for use in difficult environments. Use with workpiece pallet system for interlinking machines.

Bosch Rexroth VarioFlow plus Chain Conveyor System with view of the optimized sliding properties

Easy operation

Best possible working conditions with minimal operating noise thanks to the improved sliding properties and low friction materials.
Longer service life and reduced downtimes due to fewer joints and rolling friction in the horizontal curves.

VarioFlow Chain plus Conveyor System with optimized connection technology

Quick installation

Fewer screwed connections saves time during installation.

VarioFlow plus Chain Conveyor System view of flexible left and right motor mounting position

Free motor positioning

Free selection of the motor mounting position on site.

Key technical data

Chain tensile force:
max. 1,250 N (ESD 600 N)
Conveyance speed: max. 60 m/min (100 m/min on request)
Chain width: 65, 90, 120, 160, 240, 320 mm
Noise level during operation: typically < 70 dbA at 30 m/min
Versions: aluminum or stainless-steel design
Order Information

Special components

Patented chain design for reduced noise emissions
Unfinished sliding surfaces through lateral mounting
Bilateral motor interface in drive and return unit
Optional workpiece pallet system

Success Stories

Chain conveyor system vario flow plus success story omega optix

Eyeglass lens industry

The VarioFlow plus chain conveyor system efficiently transports eyeglasses to manual work stations.

Tea bags being transported on a VarioFlow plus chain conveyor system from Bosch Rexroth

Tea production

The chain conveyor system VarioFlow plus brings tea in motion – even in narrow space.

Three VarioFlow plus chain conveyor belts with packed boxes


VarioFlow plus in a logistic application in the tightest of space: transporting Schaefer boxes to manual packaging stations and then transporting to be dispatched.

VarioFlow plus chain conveyor belt as an overhead conveyor for transporting vehicle roof liners

Automotive industry

VarioFlow as a suspended conveyor to transport vehicle headliners in the automotive industry.