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The third edition of Pick&Pack, a key event for the packaging and logistics sector, will be held in Madrid from April 25 to 27. The event will bring together professionals who will analyze the trends and challenges of the sector. The event places special emphasis on the digital transformation and sustainability of both sectors. Areas for which Rexroth has many solutions to provide.

  • Feria de Madrid, Avda. Partenón, 5, Madrid, Spain
  • 25/04/2023 10:00 - 27/04/2023 17:00
  • English, Spanish
  • Assembly Technology, Linear Motion Technology

The all-rounder among AMR - ACTIVE ONE

ACTIVE ONE takes intralogistics to a new level. Intralogistics processes become highly flexible, yet safe and stable. The new generation of AMR navigates reliably and precisely even at high speeds of up to 1.4 m/s.

With the omnidirectional steering system, ACTIVE ONE moves effortlessly even in the tightest and most crowded spaces. The extensive sensor technology analyzes the environment in 3D, reliably detects even the smallest obstacles and enables safe operation with people.

Active One
Active Shuttle

Our AMR ACTIVE Shuttle is already entering the factory of the future.

The factory of the future is completely flexible and connected: AMRs fit perfectly into this type of environment, delivering products exactly where and when they are needed. There is an increasing demand for multivariant and small batch production, and ACTIVE Shuttle helps to solve this challenge, making intralogistics processes more flexible but without having to change the factory infrastructure.