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New hydraulic functions in the software platform H4U

Web Seminar from 2024-06-26

Lower operating costs, better environmental performance

Web Seminar from 2024-06-06

How Connected Hydraulics is revolutionizing hydrogen compression

Web Seminar from 2024-04-19

Railway Service - Maintaining diesel powered railway vehicles

Web Seminar from 2024-02-07

Hydraulics For You (H4U) - the new digital dimension of hydraulics

Web Seminar from 2023-11-30

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Manifolds – More sustainability through additive manufacturing


More Quality for your continuous Casting Process with Bosch Rexroth


How-To Videos

SHA Service-Kit Unboxing


SHA Service-Kit Assembly


SHA Service-Kit Flush and bleed


SHA Service-Kit Checking the preload pressure


SHA Service-Kit Oil sampling


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Product Videos

Valves with digital on-board electronics - Increase productivity via slider


Operating valves with digital on-board electronics via smartphone and Bluetooth


Bosch Rexroth On Air: Connected Hydraulics


Digital Service Assistant App


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Success Stories

With a system for an economical universal press


Maximator Hydrogen: Innovative solutions for hydrogen refueling stations


CytroBox for cast iron engine blocks


Customized hydraulic solutions


Hydraulic power unit CytroPac


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